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The Future of Building for Tradies

The Future of Building for Tradies
November 8, 2018 Lucasw

The following podcast by thesiteshed.com goes into discussion regarding the future of building for tradies and contractors.

(Source: https://www.thesiteshed.com/blog/prefab/)

In the 170th episode, I brought in the legendary Warren McGregor as we discuss why Prefab is the future of building for tradies and contractors. As a former plumber, I have seen a lot of upcoming technologies starting to unfold in the trades- and that was quite a long time ago.

Bill Warren speaks of cases where a building is made in one country then transported to another. This is only a single example among many occurrences where Prefab has elevated the level of building.

“Prefab offers a solution by greatly simplifying the entire process”

How updated are you with the latest on Prefab and other building technologies as of this year?

The community is a very awesome place to start getting updated on stuff like this. Join us today if you still haven’t.

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